• I love this recording. My family has put it on at dinnertime every night for the last two weeks.” “Glenn’s music has become the music of our lives — every evening for the past few weeks the Italian songs have joined us at the dinner table; Sunday mornings when the world is quiet, Glenn’s piano echos through our house, and every night since her birth my daughter has drifted off to sleep with Glenn’s “Surroundings” wafting from her room.Tony V.
  • This is quite an emotional and thought provking album. The music makes my soul soar to new heights. I really think that Glenn E. WIlliams is quite a musician to have put together such an enjoyable album.Stan Lee
  • Dramatic instrumental newage/pop music – piano based, describes Glenn E. William’s independent release, “Another View”. Here you will find 14 tunes that have such a pronounced melody line that they sound as if they were songs, with lyrics, and these are the instrumental versions – and that is very good. William’s piano playing is pure adult contemporary – with tones and phrasing that range from the Love Story Theme, to Elton and Barry chordings – up to the intensity of John Tesh and Yanni – but Williams has a subtlety in his compositions that perhaps is incomparable – using quiet moody pedaling and sometimes XFiles-ish patches that add originality to his instrumental pieces as in the 7th track, “Away”. Relaxing and sometimes dark music – sometimes uplifting as in “Real”, the mp3’d entire tune here that starts with it’s soothing piano intro and moves into a lyrical upper keyboard story that becomes supported by pulsing strings before an entire keyboard orchestra joins the tasteful piano melody. Contemporary instrumental compositions for lovers of unobtrusive evenings.earBuzz Review
  • “Another View” is the only pure instrumental album that I’ve ever come across and liked. Every song is enjoyable and has a vibe that I I absolutely love. Glenn is a brilliant writer and composer who has guided me musically and through a friendship I treasure. His talent is something to be reckoned with. This album should be noticed by all who love music in general, style does not matter. Every melody is intelligent and wonderful. Thank you for your music.Ciara Cantwell
  • I really enjoyed the album. It is very beautiful.Dr. Carol Aicher
  • Another View is great for anytime and anyone. No matter what music you listen to, this album will touch you. Glenn’s dedication to music comes through every note of this great album. Can’t wait for the new one!!Kate Winslet (jk)